Posted April 17, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Secret Service Threatened To Shoot New York Mets’ Mascot Mr. Met

These kind of things could only happen with the New York Mets.

Former Mets mascot AJ Mass is writing a book on his experiences on the diamond.

During one of those stories, he spoke on how he tried to get a picture with President Bill Clinton on April 15, 1997.

While looking for the President on the 50th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier, Mass had quiet the encounter with a secret service agent.

“’We have snipers all around the stadium, just in case something were to happen. Like I said, do whatever it is you normally do. But approach the President, and we go for the kill shot. Are we clear?”

“He pauses for a moment to let the words sink in, and it feels like he isn’t only looking into my eyes, but also into my very soul with his blank, unblinking stare,” Mass writes.

“’Approach the President, and we go for the kill shot. ARE — WE — CLEAR?’”

This guy was obviously in a bad mood that day. I wonder how that would have gone down on live television with Mr. Met getting shot shot in front of a bit crowd.

All I know is that if that was me, I would’ve ran like a little b**** after hearing that one.

Source: Daily News