Posted April 16, 2014 by BlueMagic in Sports

Sting Makes WWE Appearance on WWE Network for Ultimate Warrior Tribute [Video]

There’s been speculations on Sting signing with WWE for some quite some time now. The expect rumors continued when Sting said his favorite number is 31, as in Wrestlemania 31. Reports have stated that WWE has sent Sting a offer and now it’s just the waiting game on Sting side. Well with this new found video, this can show proof of the two being close to a deal. Sting never worked for WWE nor appeared on WWE TV in career. The dream of Sting vs. Undertaker maybe be lost due to the health issues of Undertaker so it’s interesting to see what kind of role Sting will play. Tonight he played the role of a friend, to the late great Ultimate Warrior. During WWE Network week tribute to Ultimate Warrior, Sting is shown telling his favorite memory of Sting making this his very first appearance on WWE product. Check out Sting’s memory of Ultimate Warrior below and make sure to share your memory with us as well.