Posted April 16, 2014 by BlueMagic in ThatsEnuff

Is AJ Lee Done with the WWE? Or is CM Punk Back with WWE? Leaked Script Draws Question [Photo]

A few days ago we announced that CM Punk and AJ Lee were indeed engaged after been dating for a while. The news broke when AJ Lee was spotted with a ring and she confirmed to peers that she did indeed plan to get married to CM Punk. The night after Wrestlemania 30, after successfully defending her title against all the divas on the roster, AJ Lee came out to gloat of her win. During her promo, NXT Woman’s Champion Paige came out to congratulate her but AJ Lee saw it as a way to bully her. She then basically forced her into a title match which Paige actually won.

Then on SmackDown Tamia, AJ Lee body guard, was named the number one contender. This raised a lot brows with the WWE Universe as to what could have brought this on. AJ Lee has been pretty dominate in the division for almost a year. Arguably the most talented on the mic and ring skills combined. This past week on Raw AJ Lee was absent from the episode which raised an awareness. Could have she decided to walk away like her current Fiancee? Well recently a WWE Raw script was leaked on line and it had an interesting note to say the least. It listed both CM Punk and AJ Lee “(Inj-TBD)” which is strange as there hasn’t been any mentions of AJ being hurt. What’s even more interesting is that CM Punk would be included in the notes. Does this mean that CM Punk and WWE are still in talks? Could he be on his way back and create a epic battle with Daniel Bryan for the title? OR is AJ Lee following her future husband out of the door of WWE? Was the title lost AJ Lee last match seen in WWE for a while? Check out the leaked script in the Gallery and let us know your thoughts. Is AJ Lee gone? Or is CM Punk on his way back?