Posted April 15, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Music Video

One Year Later: A Look Back At The Boston Marathon Bombings

It was April 15, 2013, 2:48pm. The last runners of over 26,000 were making their final steps as they saw the finish line in front of hundreds of family and spectators with their phones out ready to capture the moment.

For that minute captured was a moment of joy, passion, determination, and most importantly in the city of Boston, tradition.

Those expressions of joy switched as the clock struck 2:49pm.

BANG. The first bomb hit in the middle of Boylston Street. Soon thereafter another loud BANG rang around the corner. Clouds of smoke filled the streets.

We sat inside our jobs, our heads glued to the television and our computers, as the plot continued to build in front of our faces, and the suspects seemingly unknown.

We sat there thinking who, what, and most importantly why as people especially in the New York City area drew flashbacks of a scary time in 2001 when the same questions were asked.

The Boston Marathon is a big event for the city of Boston, but for the rest of the country it is small, intimate, and better yet… safe.

If people can come bomb and event such as that, what can’t they get?

In a time where the city was supposed to fall, as it was shut down for four days as they searched for potential suspects, Boston did something else. It stood taller than anyone could have imagined.

At that time, New York City didn’t see a rivalry, it saw a place where the people wouldn’t let anyone take away their “fuckin’ city.”

At Yankee Stadium, they played Boston Red Sox favorite, Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” during the seventh inning stretch.

On April 17, as the Boston Bruins continued their schedule against the Buffalo Sabres, something special happened. Every hockey fan stood up as Rene Rancourt began to sing the national anthem before taking over in a huge symphony of strength and pride.

At Fenway park on April 20, David Ortiz didn’t hold back his words as he spoke to the crowd and with five choice words made sure every one knew that everything was going to be ok again.

In total, there were 280 injuries, 5 deaths, and many more scarred from what had occurred.

On April 19, the suspects were captured. One was killed during the manhunt while Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, although badly injured was caught and is now awaiting trial for 30 different counts.

One year later, although scarred, this country and the city of Boston has still not surrendered. Still has decided to stay strong. New stories of heroism throughout that day continue to be told.

And through sports, Boston and the United States as a whole came together to show the world that we may sometimes bend, but we will never break.

Salute to the city of Boston.

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