Posted April 15, 2014 by Luis Mercado in HOT 97

August Alsina Shares Personal Details On His Mother, & His Current Relationship With Trey Songz [Video]

August Alsina sat down with Angie Martinez as part of Hot 97’s In-Studio Series to discuss the events of his life that drove him to the premire of his debut album.

While previewing tracks from his album Testimony, the two had a deep conversation about his deceased brother, the current relationship with his mother and more.

When asked if he had patched things up with Trey Songz he answered,

“Oooh. No. I leave it there. Boom. It ain’t no patch up kind of situation, no one’s bleeding.” [Just different kind of personalities] “That’s all.”

He also got deep when speaking on his mother, and his family as well.

“I always felt like my mama always put a man before me and her kids. It’s a hurtful thing. My step pops has been in my life since I was one, and it’s been the same thing since then.”

“This is a bit personal, but to keep it 100, me and my mama are [not in a good place]. I do know one thing, that that’s my mama and she got to be proud of her son even if you talk to her or if you don’t.”

Check out August Alsina “The List” here.
Testimony is available now in stores and on iTunes.

Check it out below.