Posted April 14, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Manny Pacquiao Seeks Floyd Mayweather In Long Anticipated Super Fight

Manny Pacquiao did a good job getting revenge on Timothy Bradley by winning back the WBO Welterweight title in deciding factor. Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Now, its time to look forward to what is next for the 35-year-old boxing champion at the twilight of his career.

Pacquiao, probably more than never is now looking at a Floyd Mayweather fight as it looks farther away from happening.

“If he wants to fight, the fight will be on. How many years have we talked about it and it hasn’t happened?”

Pacquiao’s head trainer Freddie Roach put his two cents in to Britain’s The Daily Telegraph as well.

“We’d love to fight Mayweather but there have been so many excuses. He really doesn’t seem to want to fight us, but we want that fight. I think my guy beats him.”

Of course Top Rank’s Bob Arum isn’t exactly happy about how things have transpired within the past few years, and his relationship with Golden Boy promotions has been pretty bad in result.

“The only people who can make Floyd fight Manny is the public…by boycotting the fight on May 3rd.”

Without knocking out Bradley, are people still exciting about seeing both fighters as they reach the twilight of their careers, although both still on the top of their game?

Roach doesn’t believe it will ever happen.

“Floyd’s main concern has become keeping that 0 (for zero losses) on his record. I don’t see him taking any real risk of losing that before the end of next year, when he says he’s retiring. ‘It’s not that he’s afraid of Manny. No fighters are scared of anybody in the world. It’s just that he believes if he goes out undefeated he will be seen as better than greats like Sugar Ray Robinson, who had losses on their records.”

Pacquiao can also seek redemption from being knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez in an interesting fifth fight in their historical rivalry.

Mayweather is fighting Marcos Maidana Saturday, May 3 at 9pm.

Either way, it looks like “Pac Man’s” next opponent should be an entertaining fight, in a time where there isn’t much more fights to come for the legendary boxer.

Who should Pacquiao fight? Let us know.