Posted April 8, 2014 by Unique in Entertainment News

Justin Bieber & His Crew Banned From Miami Nightclubs?! [Details]

Looks the the Miami turn up this weekend git turned down with the quickness for the Bieb’s and his crew. Apparently Justin Bieber and his entourage were denied access to several nightclubs in Miami, Florida this past weekend.

TMZ reports that Bieber’s people called ahead last week, asking to reserve tables at LIV, Story, and Adoré while the Biebs was in town but the singer’s camp was denied at all 3 locations. ouch!

The reason being well for one he’s not 21 and secondly the last time Bieber went big at a Miami nightclub he was arrested for a alleged “DUI”.

TMZ also states that Bieber’s people begged and pleaded, promising to spend big money on bottles if the clubs granted Bieber entry, but the clubs didn’t budge. The clubs however did offer to let Bieber in if he agreed to perform a song since performers don’t have to meet the 21+ age requirement but Bieber turned them down.