Posted April 7, 2014 by Unique in Entertainment News

Mase & Wife Twyla Betha Actually Split Two Years Ago & Been Faking It For The Congregation?! [Details]

Apparently that looks to be the deal according to TMZ.

TMZ did some digging … and found the day after Mase filed in Atlanta … Twyla filed for legal separation in San Diego. Mase filed his response by amping things up … asking for a full-blown divorce.

What’s more in Mase’s San Diego legal docs … he claims they’ve been separated since MAY, 2012. That means for 2 years Mase and Twyla engaged in a giant charade, sermonizing and selling books about marriage while they weren’t really together.

The divorce is not only on … it’s super nasty. They’re both asking for physical custody of the kids. She also wants spousal and child support and he’s trying to shut that down.