Posted April 7, 2014 by Unique in News

Bronx DA Barred From Courtroom After Holding Evidence Leading To The Freedom Of A Rikers Island Inmate

Assistant District Attorney Megan Teesdale was reportedly banished from Bronx Judge John Wilson’s courtroom after failing to reveal evidence that would have freed a man held at Rikers Island on bogus rape charges.

The New York Daily News reports the defendant, Segundo Marquez, had been held at Rikers Island for more than eight months awaiting trial on reduced misdemeanor rape charges stemming from a 2010 incident.

Teesdale, who has worked for Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson since 2012, failed to inform the court that Marquez’s accuser, who testified at trial that she had been raped, initially told an NYPD sergeant that the sex was consensual.

Spokesman Steven Reed made a statement saying:

When it was discovered we immediately brought it to the court’s attention and moved to dismiss the charges. We believed we would not be able to meet our burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

It has not been stated whether Teesdale would be reprimanded for the misstep but Judge Wilson, however, does have the authority to bar Teesdale from entering his court or trying cases before him.

You can read the full court documents in the gallery above.