Posted April 6, 2014 by Kymmi in Media

Man’s Secret Weapon…A Fitted Suit? [Details]

Just when we thought size didn’t matter, Arden Reed proves otherwise with their new and improved tailored suit system. According to OkCupid, a four-month-long study proved that men who tailor their suits get better reception on OkC than men who settle for ill-fitting suits found off the rack.

After four months of monitoring ten fake profiles — some featuring a model wearing a fitted suit, others featuring the same model wearing an oversize, cheap version — results showed men in fitted suits were 2.3 times more likely to be checked out and received 3.5 times as many messages. Somebody send out the memo; fitted clothes is totally in.

Arden Reed was started to make it ridiculously easy to make you the best dressed man in the room in less than 10 minutes. Instead of having a man guess his size, Arden Reed tells him his size with a 3D body scan. No two people are the same and their suits shouldn’t be either.

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…because dressing well matters.