Posted April 5, 2014 by Unique in HOT 97

Full Inside Look At The Hot97’s Summer Jam Festival Stage [Details][Video]

Earlier this week the whole Hot 97 family joined the Angie Martinez Show to announce the full line up for Summer Jam. If you missed it you can check it out here. This year’s festival stage is jammed back with nothing but acts making heavy noise in the industry right now. As for the main stadium stage we’re predicting a few epic sets with 50 Cent’s grand return after almost 11years, Nas celebrating his 20th year of his hip hop classic debut album Illmatic, the entire YMCMB family, The Roots and especially who their friends many be, and more.

So we at ThatsEnuff decided to give a quick breakdown of every act touching this year’s Summer Jam stage and a few possibly guest appearance. Check out the festival stage breakdown below.

Festival Stage

Childish Gambino

One of the two actors turned musician hitting the stage. Prior to introducing himself to the music world as Childish Gambino he held roles on both hit shows “Community” and “30 Rock.” According to our Blogger Kimmye Gambino brings great energy during his live performance making him a great staple for the future of music. An hey if we’re lucky him and Jhene can hit us with an early performance of their single “Bed Peace”.

Iggy Azalea

This Aussie beauty has been making a lot of noise lately with the release of her Clueless inspired video “Fancy”, revealing GQ spread with boyfriend (LA Lakers’ Nick Young), Vogue feature in the in the KimYe issue and upcoming debut album The New Classic this girl has been putting in nothing but “Work”. Oh and it doesn’t hurt the guys just love her too.

Jhene Aiko

Jhene, Jhene, Jhene!! What can’t we say about this Cali beauty we just love her…our editor has it in his head that he will marry her one day. Since making her come back a couple of years ago with her highly praised EP ‘Sailing Souls’ this girl has be on a role from going on tour around the world with Drake and proving she can hold her own on tracks with Wale, Drake, Kendrick, Ab-Soul, Big Sean and more. Dubbed the female Drake, where expecting nothing but big things from Miss Aiko with her highly anticipated debut “Sail Out” arriving soon and latest EP “Souled Out” hitting number one back in November.


One of the only two New York natives hitting the festival stage. Repping Rockaway, Queens this Coke boy collaborated with a few artists from fellow Coke Boy French Montana to Ace Hood. Chinx showed a more focus on his music when he dropped “Drugz” from his name to remain in a positive light. He even got the clubs and radios ringing off his current single “Feelings”. Chinx is definitely proving just exactly why he just may be the next Coke Boy Up.

Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle made major noise when he dropped his $100 mixtape! Taking advantage of the 2013 year of New Rules the Compton native self-marketing scheme was able to grab the attention of Jay himself who reportedly purchased about 100 copies. Let’s just say if you can get the King of Summer Jam’s attention then you rightfully deserve a spot.

Mack Wilds

Yes our boy Mack Wilds will be hitting that festival stage!! Although we feel he should honestly be on the main stage with the rest! The Staten Island actor turned singer made his presence known in the industry with his debut album receiving a Grammy Nomination at this year’s Grammy’s. From SOB’s, To Good Morning America and his most recent performance at Highland Ball room Mack has proven he can rock the crowd and draw in a few big names to hit the stage with him.

August Alsina

Another candidate that should be on the main stage. August has proven to be quit the ladies’ man without your typical R&B male ballads. His performance at last year’s Who’s Next showed that he could in fact pull in quit the crowed and like we said the ladies really LOVE him!!