Posted April 4, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

D-Jac Tells About His “Gang Affiliations” and How He Felt After Being Released [Video]

Redskin’s wide receiver DeSean Jackson sat down with ESPN to give his thoughts about being released by his former team of 6 years the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jackson who sat down with ESPN”s Stephen A. Smith said that he was “humbled” after getting cut by the Eagles but he did admit that it hurt because he had the best season of his career and had formed such strong bonds in Philly.

Jackson also said that the Eagles never gave him a straight answer to why they decided to part ways with him.

As for the allegations of Jackson being affiliated with Crips gang members he made it very clear that he knows people in that environment but he was never been in any gang.

“Do I know people who are involved? Yes,” he said. “I’m definitely aware of and know certain gang members.

“But as far as being affiliated, never have been in one. I’ve always felt I’ve been a product of my environment, but I’ve always felt I’ve wanted to do things the right way.”

One of the more interesting parts of the interview was near the end when Jackson was asked if he ever associates or hangs out with gang members he said ” Not if they are doing negative things”.

This then opens up the question should he be hanging out with these people at all? Jackson did point out that he grew up with some of these characters, and we do not know how much they did to help him be who he is now.

According to Monday Morning Quarterback some of these guys where very instrumental in helping Jackson get through his fathers death in 2009.

The only thing certain is that Jackson has never been charged or linked to any type of gang related crime.

Check out the entire interview below and let us know what you think. Should Jackson drop these guys from his life or should we just mind our own business?


Source: Monday Morning Quarterback, ESPN