Posted April 3, 2014 by BlueMagic in ThatsEnuff

Was Actor James Franco Caught Trying to Get with an 17 Year Old? [Video] [Photo]

If you ask him, apparently it was a look alike. Let’s start this story from the beginning so you can get it. Franco is currently involved in a play in NYC, Of Mice and Men. While signing autographs and such, a female fan decided to get video for her Instagram. Franco took notice to the fans doing and made sure to tell her “Tag me”. And just like any loyal fan, she truly did tag him in the video.

After she tagged him in the video, Franco (or a look alike) decided to send her DMs on Instagram in efforts to try to bed her. She let it be known that she’s 17 but it didn’t matter to the person she was talking to. They exchanged numbers and he even sent her pics to prove that he’s “James Franco”. She got the proof she asked for that it really was “James Franco” and posted it on the internet. This prompted Franco to take to his twitter and respond to all the allegations. Check out the DMs, Texts and tweets in the gallery above. You think it’s him or a look alike?