Posted April 2, 2014 by Unique in Entertainment News

Chad Ochocinco Breaks Down His Issues With Being Faithful & Says He Still Loves Ex-Wife Evelyn Lozada [Video]

Looks like Chad is still singing the Evelyn blues. In a candid interview with Peter Bailey in South Beach for his NiteCap series the former NFL star spoke on the love he still had with ex-wife Evelyn Lozada. The two’s marriage ended after 40-days after Chad was arrest for domestic violence for head butting Evelyn.

Checkout the highlights from his interview below:

On if he still loves his ex-wife Evelyn:

“Love don’t go nowhere like that. I will always love her. Matter of fact, I love every goddamn body to an extent. It ain’t going no where. I got to know another Evelyn besides what everybody else knew. I don’t care how she operate. I don’t care what it looked like to society. I don’t care how it all played itself out. I don’t care the fact that she’s moved on. I loved that being.”

On why he can’t remain faithful:

“Discipline, I lack it. Dealing with one woman…it didn’t have anything to do with South Beach or living in Miami I don’t care how fine you are for ever fine woman you see there’s a dude who’s tired of that same woman. Human nature is undefeated. What I’ve always done, even in past relationship, was tell the truth from jump. I never lied. Why sell you a dream? There are men out there that are willing to give their all and have the discipline to be able to give them that story book ending, that fairytale as I so call it. I think I’m good for that for about a good 6 months but at some point I don’t care how fine you are, I’m going to lose interest.”

On if he was himself on reality TV:

“Anytime I was on that camera, there was no script. I ain’t role playing, I’m giving you Chad…that’s raw and un-cut. Anything came out my mouth was raw and un-cut, never had a script.”

Check out the full interview below.