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VH1 And Joseline Hernandez Reportedly Subpoenaed In Stevie J Child Support Case [Details]

LHHATL stars have been in news a lot over the past few days. First Benzino and Lil Scrappy now it’s Stevie J, Joseline and VH1. As Madame Noir reports Stevie J’s ex, Carol Antoinette Bennett filed a child support lawsuit against the reality star a few months ago due to the fact that the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star has failed to pay child support in the past 16, resulting in almost over $1 million owed in back support for his two kids with Bennett.

According to Radar Online, representatives for Bennett at Project Child Support served quite a few of Jordan’s business associates—including his wife, Joseline Hernandez, with subpoenas surrounding the case. Individuals and businesses served with the March-issued subpoenas include:

Bad Boy Records/Entertainment, Inc.
Joseline Hernandez
Sony Music Group
VH1 Entertainment
Warner Music Group
Viacom Corp.
Universal Music Group
Raymond ‘Benzino’ Scott
The Kompany (President, Stevie Jordan)
Mona Scott/Monami Entertainment

“Currently, Stevie J owes more than $1 million in court ordered child support and has not made any attempt to enter into a payment plan to bring the child support current and has failed to appear in court,” said Bennett’s rep, Sibrena Stowe Fernandez. “All of the companies that are responsible for most of Stevie J’s current income have been served.”

Fernandez was also sure to indicate that the subpoenas in no way  “represent any wrongdoing by any of the organizations not managed by or under the control of Mr. Jordan.”

Sounds very messy.

[Madame Noir]