Posted April 1, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Music

LeBron James Releases A Freestyle ‘Kingdom’ [Audio]

When LeBron James isn’t killing people on the court. He is spitting hot fiyah in the studio.

Ok, no seriously, LeBron James has a track though.

Spitting over Jay Z & Rick Ross’ single “F***WitMeUKnoIGotIt” the “King” spits about his cars, his clothes, OH and of course his “TWO RINGS!”

Now if we can only get a freestyle battle between him, DeMarcus Cousins and Damian Lillard… hmm.

His friend Cotton told TMZ about the track.

We were working out together and LeBron said ‘let’s get in the booth.’ I said ‘I’m going tonight,’ so he came to the studio…we were just having fun. ‘Bron had jotted some notes down earlier, and he finished his verse in the studio.”

Check out the freestyle below.