Posted March 27, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Details On MLB’s New Drug Program Have Been Released

Major League Baseball’s drug program is going through a complete overhaul, and details of the new penalties look to be a lot more strict than what the previous one had.

According to a report from Bob Nightengale,

The new agreement will not only increase the drug penalties, but also implement widespread carbon isotope testing, the official said, hoping to dramatically increase the detection of a synthetic testosterone.

This means that this could quite possibly be the biggest and most detailed drug program in an American major sport.

The official said first-time offenses will be 80 games, an increase from 50, and a second offense will be for an entire 162-game season instead of 100 games. There will be a lifetime suspension for a third offense.

That sort of punishment would definitely make me think twice about using a performance enhancing drug. In the recent past, players have actually been rewarded after getting caught using banned drugs.

This includes Melky Cabrera’s two-year $16 million deal two years ago, and Jhonny Peralta’s recent contract with the St. Louis Cardinals at four years and $53 million.

Full details have not been released yet as they have not been finalized yet.

New York Yankees third basemen Alex Rodriguez has been suspended the full season this year for his alleged role in the Biogenises scandal.