Posted March 25, 2014 by Unique in Entertainment News

Tiny Crushes Divorce Rumors And Admits To Having Butt Implants [Video]

While doing her rounds in New York City to promote the new season of her families VH1 reality show, “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle”, Tiny stopped by the Wendy Williams Show to put to discuss a number of things.

The reality star not only put to rest all the rumors of her and her Hubby calling it quits, bur also gave business advice, spoke on her recent Instagram spat with Tip and revealed that her infamous booty isn’t all hers.

On T.I. checking her on Instagram:

Yeah, you’re right and I just felt like I don’t know why he addressed it on the social media. I guess he just wanted to let me know he was looking at it, but at the same time, I felt like Why at this picture because I’m really not, I guess it’s really a side view. I was really tryna show off my waist. That’s why my shirt is up.

On rumors that she and T.I. are getting a divorce:

We had a couple fights and we were arguing…We argue all the time though. You know we had this one big fallout about the GRAMMYs. And it just lingered on and it got bigger. No, we’re still together. There’s no divorce. We’re normal. We go through the same things

If her booty is natural or bought:

It’s, it’s, it’s a little of both.

Watch the full interview below.