Posted March 25, 2014 by Kymmi in ThatsEnuff

Tijon ‘ rat king’ [Audio]

East Coast artist Tijon is back with a followup track, “rat king,” which is also the name of his upcoming EP.

Take a listen below, but first a few words from Tijon, the rat king himself.

A rat king happens when too many rats are in a small space and they try to crawl over each other. They wind up getting tied in a big knot at the tail and die connected. Thats all I ever saw growing up in Jersey typical crabs in a barrel shit. When people don’t have much most would rather pull down the next man than help empower him. My crew is finding success doing the opposite, we are a bunch of kids who had nothing but art so we use the rat king slogan to empower every rat kid can come up and become their own man. – Tijon