Posted March 25, 2014 by Kymmi in Entertainment News

Jennifer Lopez Says Divorce from Marc Anthony Inspired New Album [Details]

Divorces are never fun, but some of the best songs and albums have often been made from the hurt of heartbreak. Remember Keyshia Cole’s “The Way It Is” or Adele’s “21”? CLASSICS!

Now we all know Bronx-bred Jenny From the Block has been through her fair of heartbreak, but her latest seemed to be different. She’s given us her all in tracks such as “If You Had My Love” and “My Love Don’t Cost A Thing,” but there’s still something different this time around.

The 44-year-old singer split from beau, Marc Anthony, in 2011. Since then she’s begun working on her tenth studio album and says she’s got a whole new perspective. Could it be the twins?

Lopez told PopCrush:
“My topic is love. It always has been. It’s my motivation. It’s what I think about. That’s who I am at the essence.” She added: “What I realized is that I just always have to be me. If I’m approaching something creatively, I have to be who I am. I’m the same girl that I always was, while I’ve evolved and I’ve grown and I have more experience. And I have to put that into this album – and I think I really did.”

Jennifer’s still untitled album is set for release in June. She claims she likes waiting until it’s crunch time to give her projects names. Can’t wait to hear what she comes up with. What are your thoughts?