Posted March 24, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Warren Buffett Speaks On The ‘Perfect Bracket Challenge’ On The Dan Patrick Show [Video]

Who had the perfect bracket?

Yea…no one.

After one day, there were 15 people left in the challenge. After two days there was just one. Of course, I did warn you by giving you the odds.

When asked how much he made from the challenge, Buffett said,

“We had a few expenses, but we came out ok.”

According to Forbes, they came out real well.

$1 billion for a perfect bracket? Think again. The second-richest man in America had already made $1 billion before the second day of March Madness had even tipped off.

He also added that he would “love to do this again.”

Now that we know we have basically no chance, I wonder how many people would sign up next year?

Hopefully there would be a better chance next year.

“I would have preferred to see it go quite a bit longer, but not all the way…. I’d like to modify it somewhat so people had a better shot.”

Check out the full interview below.