Posted March 24, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Indiana Pacers Star Paul George Releases Statement; Denies Being ‘Catfished’

Indiana Pacers star guard Paul George is trying to let people know that they shouldn’t put his name next to Manti Te’o in the “athletes who got catfished” catagory.

This is how the alleged story goes from Black Sports Online.

Paul George needs to stay off Skype, Facetime, Yacht Parties, Instagram or anything or any place that has big booty women or in this case a man pretending to be a big booty woman.

Classic catfish scheme, the gay man who calls himself Paul allegedly sends out thirst trap pics to guys (athletes and celebrities).  He pretends to be a thick white girl and the men are dumb enough to send back half naked and in some cases full naked selfies.

George has come out to the Indianapolis Star that he knows who was the leak of the photos, and it wasn’t a man.

“The whole story, as far as me being catfished, I know the girl that sent the pictures out. It wasn’t a catfish story, it was a girl – I don’t want to get into the story but I know who’s behind it.”

You really have to watch out when sending freaky pictures these days. What do you guys think?