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Chicago Train Derails, 32 Passengers Injured [Photo] [Video]

Not again..(smh).  The operator of a Chicago train that derailed early Monday injuring more than two dozen people may have fallen asleep behind the wheel, the president of a Chicago transit union said.

“There are indications she dozed off, yes,” CTA Union President Bob Kelly told WLS of the operator who was hospitalized.

Kelly said the woman said “she had worked a lot of hours in the past week.” She did have 17 hours between shifts but was “extremely tired.” Witnesses similarly reported the woman telling them she “nodded off” before the train jumped the tracks and climbed an escalator at the O’Hare station. About 32 people suffered minor injuries from the collision shortly before 3 a.m., authorities said.

“The train actually climbed over the last stop, jumped up on the sidewalk and then went up the stairs and escalators,” Chicago Fire Department Commissioner Jose Santiago told WMAQ-TV. It wasn’t immediately clear what caused the wild wreck, but Santiago said officials were speaking to the train’s operator.

 Brian Steele, spokesman for Chicago Transit Authority, told reporters that investigators were also reviewing footage from surveillance cameras and noted that the National Transportation Safety Board had been notified.

“It appears as though the train would have been going faster than a train normally birthing at this station would be,” Steele said. “Normally a train pulls in at just a couple miles an hour and pulls into the station. Obviously, this train did not stop, so speed could be a factor here.”

The victims were all taken to local hospitals, where they were treated for injuries that included bumps, bruises, and neck and back pain.

Our prayers go out to these victims.

Source: NY Daily News