Posted March 22, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

Andrew Bynum Gets a Hair Cut During a Game [Photo + Video]

Andrew Bynum for all the talent that he has just cant get right. In fact we might have to name him after Bokeem Woobine’s character in “Life” because something is definitely off about Bynum.

According to Complex Sports Bynum’s barber posted a picture on Instagram of himself and Bynum after giving Bynum a fresh cut. The picture was posted the on the day the Indiana Pacers took on the Chicago Bulls.

Click here to see the pic.

In the caption it read “You know what it is. Cut the homie Pacer Center Andrew Bynum up at halftime of game. Real good dude, good convo….”

In what world is it cool to get a cut at half time during a game?

Now granted Bynum is hurt and is out indefinitely with knee soreness (again!) but regardless you couldn’t find any other time or place to get a cut?

On the bright side Bynum finally took the initiative to cut that rough looking afro off. It still does not hide the fact that Andrew Bynum just cant get right.

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Source: Complex Sports