Posted March 21, 2014 by BlueMagic in ThatsEnuff

Tony Yayo Takes a Shot at 50 Cent on IG, Then Deletes [Photo]

Whats going on in the world when G-Unit can’t get along!! Since Yayo first comments about how G-Unit was over and how he felt, things been getting interesting because we all know 50 don’t back down. 50 recently sat with Rob Markman of MTV to talk about the Yayo comments and why there’s a rift between him and Banks. Now early this morning, Yayo made a comment to 50 and Shamoney about who bought Banks to the crew. Yayo even suggested that he never got that Mill from when he came home from his extended vacation. Fans went at Yayo for his comments and even started @’ing 50 to the post. Little after the fans comments, Yayo deleted his post but ThatsEnuff got the post for you. Check out the comments in the gallery and leave us your thoughts.