Posted March 20, 2014 by BlueMagic in News

Ralph Lauren Cancels Orders Made on ‘Employee Discount Day’ [Photo]

Ralph Lauren had a glitch occur Sunday Night/Monday Morning when an 65% Employee Discount code got leaked online. Once Twitter and IG caught wind, everyone went shopping on that discount code. Just Blaze bought 65 Items that night and kept cracking jokes. Recently Ralph Lauren released a email to it’s customers about the situation. Here’s some of the email:

A promotional code intended only for employee use was submitted during your most recent order. After reviewing the matter, Ralph Lauren Corporation has decided to honor the discount in this instance.

While others received an email stating that their orders have been cancelled. Some people didn’t even receive and email but noticed that their orders was cancelled. Through sorting, I’ve realized that those who got cancelled was high buyouts and those who got expressed shipment. Just Blaze 65 items seems to be in good shape. Some people took to twitter to express how upset they was with their orders cancelled.

Check out the tweets and Ralph Lauren email in the Photo Gallery.