Posted March 20, 2014 by Kymmi in Lifestyle

Brains, Beauty or Booty? Take Your Pick..

“I’m a guy, we need to stay in shape ‘cause nobody wants us if we look all skinny and stuff. You’re a girl so you’re good.” – an excerpt (text message) from my phone. Let that marinate with you for a little bit.

Could it really be that we live in a world where women have it easier than men when it comes to attraction? If anything I’d say we have it harder with all the pressure of looking “bad,” (and by “bad” I mean good).

It’s fairly sad to know that a man believes he needs to look like a god in order to find a female companion. I mean don’t get me wrong, it helps, but it isn’t the only factor in finding love. What’s left after we get old and wrinkled? Not beauty.

How many of you will willingly take the time to get to know the girl with braces and a chubby waist over the girl next door with the prettiest smile in the world? Honestly.

While staying fit has always been a priority in my life, the truth is that growing up as an athlete probably has a lot to do with that. I figured being “smart” was in my DNA, but the truth is that my mother’s strict Ecuadorian rules (and beatings) probably had a whole lot to do with that. So, what if I wasn’t physically fit and was dumber than a blond? Would I then have to rely on the face I wear and hope that my genes bless me with a thin figure and exotic features everyone wishes they had? Lucky for me, momma passed on a few of her curves and whooped me for ever bringing home anything less than an “A.”

It’s safe to say we can all agree with one of rap’s most overused phrases “real recognize real.” An intellect will seek someone who can stimulate their mind and not just what’s inside their pants. A man who spends the majority of his time in the gym will more than likely seek a physically female or at least one that looks like a goddess. Everyone, for the most part, wants an equal because equality makes the world go ‘round and flowers blossom. Of course, when things are short term anything goes.

Just keep in mind that while a nice body and some great looks might get you here and there, a brain will get you everywhere. If it’s up to you, which are you choosing? Will it be the brains, beauty or booty? I’m not judging.