Posted March 19, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

“I Don’t Condemn Homosexuality” Gospel Singer Tye Tribbett Says Being Gay Is Natural

Gospel singer Tye Tribett is speaking out on homosexuality in the April 2014 issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine.

Tribett believes that he can reach more people through love than hate and that’s something he hopes Christian leaders remember when it comes to bringing correction to their followers. He acknowledges that the church has improved over the years in their stance, he spoke further about homosexuality and whether or not it was God’s best for His people.

Tribett believes that homosexuality is natural however it is not God’s will.

Yeah, I definitely understand. Well, I want to respond to that: There are lots of things that are natural to us that may not be God’s best for us. That’s my only thing. I’m not saying that homosexuality is not natural. I agree with you that it is. There are several things that come naturally that’s not God’s best. Children 2 years old, “Did you eat that cookie?” “No.” Lying came naturally to them.”

Nobody taught that kid how to lie. It came in the flesh package, but that’s not God’s best. There are certain things that can trigger the not-so-great natural in all of us. But is it God’s will or God’s best for us, period? And I don’t condemn homosexuality, but I don’t believe it’s God’s best for our lifestyle, according to the Bible.

He also spoke on how pastors deal with homosexuality:

“I just think their approach is militant, and I think a lot of times when your sin is not somebody else’s sin, it’s so much easier to condemn. It makes you feel better about your dysfunctions when another person’s dysfunctions are seemingly worse.”

Do you agree with Tye’s comments? Is being gay natural, but not God’s best for His people? Comment below!