Posted March 19, 2014 by Kymmi in Lifestyle

4 Sure Ways To Tell If You’re Having “Too Much Fun”

This is the question that has baffled many brilliant minds for years. So, I’ve decided to try and conceptualize the criteria of the so often used terms “Jump off,” Chicken Head,” “Scallywag,” “Trick,” “Skeezer,” and even “Thot” – among other derogatory terms. The list is endless.

If you think you may have fallen into the category of being promiscuous please do not be alarmed. Everyone either has done, will do, or is in the process of doing something(s) that someone else can classify as chicken-head like activity. It’s like there’s no winning…in a sense. However, in order to clear up some confusion I’ve come up with the “4As” system to categorize your grade of promiscuity. The specifics of these categories will vary within the minds of whoever uses them. I understand that a definitive answer will NEVER be completely agreed upon, but I will give a brief explanation of the importance of each criteria.

  1. Age: How old were you after your first sexual encounter? How many years have you been sexually active? When did you start? Some start at 14, and others at 24. Believe, there’s no shame in the game.
  2. Amount: How many partners have you been active with since your first sexual experience? Now we’re beginning to get somewhere, but no worries. I’m not judging.
  3. Attitude: How/What do you think of or about your partner(s)? Ex: “I just want to hit it.” VS “I’m looking for love.”
  4. Attempts: How often are you having sex? What is the frequency of different partners and most importantly, do these different partners have any connections to one another? A) Do you find yourself being sexually active with a new guy/girl every day, week, month, etc.? Think about your run. What’s it like? (You don’t really have to tell me, unless you’d like to. I’m here to listen). B) Even more significantly, are the men/women you’re sexing close to each other (i.e., siblings, best friends, co-workers, etc.)? Have you smashed the homies? Please say no…

All in all, I’m no one to judge and I’m certainly not here to do so. I’m just here for clarity. While there have been many debates on how a guy cannot be promiscuous, I say he can be. The difference between men and women being promiscuous is that society accepts, and even glorifies, the habit when it comes to men. Talk about a double-standard. Whatever name you’d like to use and whatever view you have on it, using the “4 A” system to come to a personal conclusion should help everyone have a more cohesive idea of what a “scallywag,” “trick,” “thot,” etc. is.

So…what grade have you all given yourselves?