Posted March 18, 2014 by Unique in News

New Jersey Girl Drops Child Support Lawsuit Against Parents [Details]

So remember the 18-year-old girl that moved out of her parents house and tried to sue them to support her and pay her college tuition. Yeah well that girl is officially back home and is now dropping the lawsuit. According to CNN Rachel Canning appeared in court today and testified that she decided to dismiss her complaint.

Rachel who returned home and reunited with her parents in Lincoln Park, New Jersey, a week ago was originally denied her suit  by a New Jersey Judge that would have forced her parents to pay her remaining  high school tuition and current living expenses. The Judge had schedule a April court date to make a official issue on to grant of deny her request  in regards to her future college tuition.

Wonder what life is like at home for Rachel now, because it’s got to be awkward.