Posted March 17, 2014 by BlueMagic in ThatsEnuff

Chris Brown Kicked Out of Rehab for Three Violations, Was It That Serious? (Details)

Last Week news broke that Chris Brown was kicked out of rehab and due to it, he was locked up on Friday. The reason he was locked up is because by court order he was suppose to stay in rehab till mid-April. Well according to TMZ, he was booted from the rehab due to three violations. One of the violations was created specifically for Chris Breezy due to his case with Rihanna. Wondering what those three Violations are? Here you go and let us know if you think it was really THAT bad for them to throw him out:

1. First violation they mention is that last weekend he went on an authorized outing and upon arrival they asked him to take a drug test. He refused the drug test at first but then later complied with the request and in fact passed the test. The violation was the part where he refused in the first place so by doing that it was held against him.

2. Second violation they mention is during a group session, Brown allegedly made a mockery of the rehab with harsh comments. What those exact comments are, nobody knows but it was “harsh” enough to get him written up.

3. Third violation they mention that Chris Brown violated was a 2 FEET FROM WOMEN rule that the rehab created just for Breezy due to his Rihanna Case. Well during rehab Chris allegedly was seen touching elbows and hands with another woman causing a violation.

If the reports are correct, this got to be some weird violations to kick someone out. I get it with the group session but the other two I’m not so sold on. Now Chris is currently in jail without bail and hopefully his lawyer can get him out on house arrest. Let us know your thoughts, you think it was fair for him to get kicked out?