Posted March 13, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

Darren Sproles Gets Traded to Eagles and his Wife is Not Happy About it [Photo]

Darren Sproles and his family have been on a roller coaster ride these last few days.

The former New Orleans Saints running back was initially released Wednesday from the team to help clear up some cap room. Sproles understood the move and was ready to graciously leave and begin fresh in a new city.

Everything changed however when the Saints found out how many teams where interested in Sproles. Instead of releasing him they decided to trade him.

The messed up part about it was the saints never told Sproles about the change, he actually had to find out on twitter what happened.

Sproles was completely caught off guard and had no clue where he was going until he got traded Thursday to the Philadelphia Eagles for a 5th round pick.

With all the choice taken away from Sproles in this situation, his wife Michelle decided to speak up for her man by posting a lengthy message on Instagram. Check it out below.


First off that post is way to long for IG and second she brings up valid points.

NFL teams will always call a player a distraction or disloyal when they hold out to get more money, but when an NFL team needs to save money they will not hesitate to cut and trade players, and then call it business. The problem here is not trading Sproles but not having the decency to at least give him a heads up.

Let us know what you think. Does Sproles wife have a point or does she need to take a seat and chill out?