Posted March 12, 2014 by Unique in Lifestyle

Surviving Your Twenties: 5 Things You Don’t Want To Lose In Your Decade Of Self-Discovery

Lets face it begin in your twenties is hard! It’s definitely not what you expected it to be after two decades of listening to old heads relive their young adult years in some life lesson their trying to teach you. Fact of the matter is when you’re actually living through your 20s, it’s can prove to be quite opposite of that Teen Blockbuster comedy.

Like trying to stay afloat in the world while simultaneously figuring out our place in it plus who and what you want to be is fucking hard. And if you start to loose sight of the things that helped you make it to this awkward stage in life (the bridge between our childhood and adulthood) you can be very easily to get distracted and caught up in all life’s unnecessary drama.

So without further ado here’s our revamped look at five things one needs to make sure they hold onto throughout your decade of self-discovery. Thanks Elite Daily!

1. Your Dreams
Never forget or give up on your dreams! No not because if you do then you’ll more then likely end up like those people working a job they hate everyday or some cliché B.S. like that.

Never give up on your dreams because your dreams are in essences what make’s you, well you. It doesn’t matter if your dream is as far fetched as being the first person to moon walk the entire moons circumference. It’s that child like optimism that will help you get through the hard times because you have given yourself a purpose that only you can fulfill.


2.Good People
How does the saying go? It’s hard to come by genuine people so when you find them hold on to them, or something like that. The fact of the matter the saying is true. It’s inevitable, as you go on through out life people will drift in and out of it and that’s perfectly fine.

However when you come across people that match you aspirations, dreams and actually see the greatness that’s within you especially when you yourself have yet to see it, don’t let them go. Because when life gets to be rough it helps to have those few good people by your side to help you pick up the pieces.


3. Your Ambition
I can’t say it enough!!! Never lose your ambition. Ambition as many describe it, is what separates the dreamers from the achievers. Anyone can have a dream but to see your dream become a reality is a different story. Everyday things in life can easily and slowly kill our ambition without us ever realizing it.

Work, relationships, friends and life in general will in fact distract us but the trick is to not become so wrapped up that you find yourself settling and becoming complacent. Complacency honestly has to be the number one dream killer to date. So never stop wanting more then you already have.


4. Your Resilience
Ever since we were children, we have been able to fall down, brush off our knees and get right back up. It’s a magnificent quality and one that gets harder to implement with age. Realities and specific situations will inevitably knock you down in your 20s. You may get laid off or dumped but you just have to get back up. It will be easier to give up than to fight, but this is the most imperative time to give your life (and yourself) all you can muster. Your resilience during these years will pay off and make you a stronger individual.


5. Yourself
So you thought your awkward teenage years was rough. Throughout your twenty’s you are faced with a number of reality’s that not even your parents could have fully prepared you for. With all the emotional and mental stress that comes with learning to be an adult you can at times loose yourself.

Although there are things we can’t fully control or keep from happening, what we can do is control the power we allow it to have over us.
Life can test us especially in our twenties as we are given our first real introduction into the world. But no matter the test you can’t loose yourself and succumb to self-destructive thoughts, aka negative thinking.

Honestly if you do you might wake up a few years from now with a few regrets. So what’s the best way to keep from loosing yourself?

Easy make sure to keep hold of number’s 1-4 and five will come easily.