Posted March 12, 2014 by BlueMagic in ThatsEnuff

50 Cent Shares Thoughts on Tony Yayo ‘Done with G Unit’ (Details)

If you remember, after 50 Cent announced his departure from Interscope, Tony Yayo took to his Instagram to say he’s “done with G Unit”. Yayo claimed that 50 was done with him and Banks a long time ago:

50 ain’t rocking with me and Banks the same. I layed my life down for the unit but you live and you learn.
I’m done with the music and the industry this is too much for me.
Too many b**ch ass ni**as. Ni**as want you to brown nose all the time…
Too much stress. I flew the world already. Dropped an album. Time to try new things and the Unit not together. F**k it.

Well 50 Cent has recently respond to those comments during his interview with Billboard. Here’s what he had to say about the whole thing:


I had a wonderful journey with the people I grew up with. I think the frustration comes from shock, probably, that it’s not everything they wanted it to be,” he says of Yayo’s comments. “Him of all people… It’s not a secret, it’s a known fact that he actually came home form jail with a million dollars and a Bentley. Like, ‘What do you want?

These guys are millionaires. They’ve made millions of dollars. Why do that then? Whenever there’s no one to blame, you know what game you play, [for] a look. I don’t know what the goal was.

I don’t believe in looking back. I can care less about things that’s happened in the past. I’m looking forward, at prosperity.

I’ve learned: The same person that tells you you’re a piece of shit tells you they love you when the right song comes out. ‘My man, 50 back.’ So you can’t be affected by ‘I hate you’ because it won’t allow for something good to come in.


Guess we can forget about G Unit making up anytime soon. 50 Cent is set to drop his next album “Animal Ambition” on March 18th.