Posted March 11, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

Rob Kardashian Doesn’t Want To Attend Kim’s Wedding Because Of Weight Gain [Details]

While the Kardashians are gearing up for Kim and Kanye’s big day, there is one Kardashian who isn’t excited.

KUWTK’s reality star Rob Kardashian is upset about changing his shape and truly feels like the black sheep of the family. A family insider reveal that he has no desire flying to France for the over the top wedding although he is very close to Kanye West.

“Of course, that could change. Kim is his sister. He loves her. But he knows this will be all about Kim and as usual, Rob feels he would be like the third wheel,” revealed one Kardashian spy. The reality of their situation is that Kim and Rob haven’t been that close in years.

“Deep down, she thinks he is a total slacker and it’s very hurtful to Rob. Out of all the Kardashian kids, Rob is the most down to earth and level headed. But he is just trying to find his way in the world.”

Rob has gained 70 pounds and cried about his weight struggle on KUWTK show. He was also shocked when the blood test revealed that he is overweight and is at rick of developing diabetes and kidney failure.

The family’s matriarch, Kris Jenner has hired a nutritionist and trainer to help get him back on track.

“It’s time for me to help Rob out, gain a little control, and get him a nutritionist and some help so he can get his health back together,” said Jenner. His family is very concerned because his father fed from esophageal cancer in 2003 at age of 59.

“It’s a shock to me,” said Rob. “I have numbers that are freaking my whole family out. My dad passed away super-early, so my sisters could never handle that again. That’s what everybody is super-concerned about.”