Posted March 11, 2014 by Unique in WTF

Middle School Teacher Accidentally Shows Her Students A Homemade Sex Tape [Details]

OMG could you imagine!!!! So reportedly a group of students at Forest Heights Middle School in Little Rock, Arkansas got a real life visual on exactly how babies are made. How exactly, well  a teacher at the school somehow accidentally showed a homemade sex tape she and her fiancé made.

According to her the video somehow got mixed up with her notes.  After admitting that it was in fact her in the video the teacher tried to make a few phone calls to clear up the mishap with some very pissed off parents.

As one father stated after his son told him his teacher has been “performing sex acts”;

 She was very apologetic […] my heart goes out to not only my son, but other kids in the classroom… I want something done. My concern is with [my son] being in that environment.

As the school is still deciding on disciplinary action, they have chosen not to reveal the teachers name. My only question is why didn’t she have the tape labeled, could of clearly saved her a lot of trouble.

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