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Jhene Aiko Say’s She’s Ready For Love ‘If I’m Your Girlfriend I’m Practicing To Be Your Wife’ [Details]

Cali songstress Jhene Aiko steals the latest Complex cover in a very revealing interview with the music/lifestyle magazine. In it the Sail Out singer debunks relationship rumors with tour mate Drake and actor turned music artist Childish Gambino and gives readers a look into her life.

Shot at the Rockhouse Hotel in Negril, Jamaica by photographer Marcus Hyde, check out excerpts from the Rob Kenner written interview below. Jhene’s debut album Souled Out is set to drop this summer.

On how she meet Drake and their friendship:

I went into a session to meet him through a mutual friend. That’s how that relationship formed. I knew him from Degrassi because some of my younger family members watched it. When I saw him I was like, ‘Oh. He’s that guy from that show.’ He was nowhere near who he is today, even though the underground music people were like, ‘He’s next!’ I look up to Drake. Everything in his whole career is commendable. He can act, he can rap, he can sing. I can relate to him. He’s mixed; I’m mixed. Everything he does, I take note because I feel like he’s doing a really good job of being, like, well-rounded. And not only that, he’s really talented. I’m always asking him for advice with stuff and trying to figure out how he deals with being such a big celebrity.

On rumors of her and Childish Gambino dating:

We have the same publisher. One of his best friends, Fam, went to school with my brother who passed away. We have the same sense of humor, very sarcastic and dry. It was automatically like, ‘I like you! We can be friends.’ He’s an actor. We’re both creative people. We are friends and we hang out. We’re just friends but I’m also single, so you never know what friendships can develop into. We like each other as people, so you know, who knows?

On her current relationship status:

I’m about to give you…not a bullshit answer. There is, but I’m single. Not by choice. Only because I found now that when I talk to guys, they’re wary because they know about Donald, they know I’ve worked with Drake. They’re always side-eyed, suspicious. But I’m loyal in relationships. If I’m your girlfriend, that’s it. I’m practicing to be your wife at that point because I treat it seriously. I feel like I was born to be a mom and a wife and totally domesticated. I’m not going to spend my time trying to prove that I am really who I say I am…I can control myself. But if I’m single I don’t have anything I’m obligated to do for you. At the same time, I would like a man to take control and say, ‘I don’t want you to talk to those guys.’ Give me rules. Yeah! Why not? Be a man. But I can say that there is a person and I hope that we grow to blossom and be everything a beautiful couple can be.

Check out the full interview over on Complex and photo’s from the spread in the gallery above.

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