Posted March 10, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

Wichita State wins Conference But Gets Wrong Tee-Shirts [Picture]

The Wichita State Shockers will go into the NCAA Tournament a perfect 34-0 after winning the Mountain Valley Conference championship against Indiana State yesterday.

The Shockers still face critisim by alot of sports analyst who are saying that they will be exposed in the tornament since they have not played any quality opponents during this record breaking run.

The disrespect kept coming yesterday afternoon when the Shockers got there championship tees(which were ugly as hell). Check out the pic below of the back to the tee shirts and see if you can find the mistake. Here’s a hint, Wichita State won the tournament!


SMH, I guess they sent the wrong tees to Africa. Either way it did not stop the Shockers from celebrating a well deserved victory.

Wichita State will be the first team to enter the NCAA Tournament undefeated since the UNLV Rebels did it in 1991.