Posted March 10, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

Snoop Responds To 50 Cent Diss About His French Manicure [Instagram]

We all know pimpin’ ain’t easy but hip hop legend Snoop Dogg makes it seem like it is.

After being in the blogs for stirring controversy, rapper 50 cent has gone on attack mode again. And this time he is coming for Dee-Oh double Gee!

Snoop Dogg recently posted a photo of his manicure on Instagram revealing his French tips. 50 saw the photo and took to his Instagram page to throw a little shade:

“What the f#ck is going on snoop. Talk to me about this one man, Damn #smsaudio.”

And Snoop’s response in the comments of 50?s photo?


Pimpin. That’s what it is spooned n groomed dipped n whipped suited n booted gooted n looted. Real playas keep they nails fly fresh n dipped at the tip.



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