Posted March 10, 2014 by BlueMagic in News

Convicted Killer Wins $500K in Civil Suit, Victims Upsets (Details)

James Eric Degorski was convicted of murder he committed in 1993 with his accomplice Juan Luna. The two was convicted for one of Chicago’s most gruesome killing in history. The two shot and stabbed two restaurant owners and five robberies during a botched robbery attempt. They then proceeded to store the seven bodies inside of walk-in freezer. The two was tried and sentenced to life in prison for their actions. While in police custody, Degorski was allegedly assaulted by a prison guard which resulted in a surgical facial operations and metal plates. He sued for the incident and won the civil case where he was awarded $500K.

The victims of his crime are upset as they feel as though he is benefitting from their lost. The jurors of the civil case were not aware of the details to his previous crime. There’s talks that most of his winnings will go towards his housing and the victims may sue for parts. Seeing that inmates are only allowed to spend a couple hundred a month, no one see’s him actually “seeing” his winnings. Check out the full story at ABC.