Posted March 6, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

The Return Of Shaq Fu? [Video]

Shaquille O’ Neal is asking for one thing for his birthday.

Bring back Shaq Fu!

I had the game for Sega Genesis back in the day… I never played it.

But my brother did!

According to Dan Devine from Yahoo’s Ball Don’t Lie,

O’Neal and his partners at Big Deez Productions, who claim to have worked on popular franchises like the “Halo” and “Street Fighter” series in the past, have just launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign aimed at raising $450,000 to support the production and release of the “beat-em-up-style” game, with 5 percent “of all profits from the game [going] to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.”

Polygon’s Samit Sarkar notes that because “it is a flexible funding drive, the studio will receive whatever money has been contributed to the campaign by [the end date].” (Seems like a smart business move by The Big Game Developer.)

Really though. Do we want a Shaq Fu game in 2014?

This is what the game would look like below.