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Ode To Dem Rap Radar Boyz We Dem Bloggers

To our friends at Rap Radar,

In this day and era we understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, especially when it comes to Hip Hop. However “We Dem Boyz’” on the YN Blackout??? You guys are bugging.

As DJ Enuff put it, “No disrespect to Rap Radar, its no beef.” Let me rephrase that in the words of Old Man Ebro “No…’Disrespect‘…” We can’t back you on this one.

Let’s recap. The website posted a review of Wiz Khalifa’s latest single “We Dem Boyz.” In the post you simply said,

Dem Rap Radar boyz hate your new tune. Hold up… and tell us you got better joints. This struggle single sucks.

Why do you hate this track in particular? Because honestly “other people deserve it over Wiz and [this] single.” That’s coming from the words of one of your readers.

I mean it was good enough for DJ Enuff to make it the Heavy Hitter Pick of the Week:

It feels good, and that’s all you really need sometimes. I don’t always need lyrical assassin content.

And DJ Camilo confirmed it gets the nightclub scene rocking

Played it at the nightclub and it felt fucking great.

The fact of the matter is the track is… a CLUB record. So why do you hate it, can we get a concrete reason?

Music director of Hot 97 Karlie Hustle loves the track couldn’t disagree with your comments any more:

This song is so hard it makes me want to throw a blogger out of my office window.

True, it’s not the typical Wiz song that one can sit back and get high to, but we all know artists can’t keep making one type of song to keep everyone happy.

As Bob Marley famously sang,

“One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain,”

So if the track makes everyone at Hot 97/ ThatsEnuff.com feel good is it really as bad as you make it out to be to your readers?


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