Posted March 6, 2014 by Unique in News

New Jersey Girl Sues Her Parents For Child Support [Details]

Wow pure craziness! 18-year-old northern New Jersey honor student, Rachel Canning’s, who claims her parents kicked her out of the house, is now suing them asking the court to force them to support her and pay her college tuition.

According to her parents, Sean & Elizabeth Canning, Rachel voluntarily left their home because she did not want to abide by reasonable household rules (i.e. being respectful, keeping a curfew, doing a few chores and ending her relationship with a boyfriend they deemed as a “bad influence”).

Filed last week Rachel wants her parents to pay her $650 weekly child support, the $5,000 owed for her last semester at Morris Catholic High School and her future college tuition. She also wants a judge to declare that she’s non-emancipated and dependent as a student on her parents for support.

The judge initially ruled that Rachel Canning’s parents don’t have to pay anything, but put off his decision regarding her college tuition until April 22. Since moving out in October Rachel Canning been living in Rockaway Township with the family of her best friend. The crazier part is her best friends father, John Inglesino, is paying for the lawsuit.

According to Inglesino he and his wife decided to pay for the lawsuit because they fear Canning will lose opportunities for a strong education and a happy future without her parents’ contributions.

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