Posted March 5, 2014 by Marie-D in ThatsEnuff

Highest Paid Interns Making $7000 A Month!

It might suck being an intern, but not if you are working for one of the companies paying interns a salary that is more than the average American. Can you imagine making $80k as an intern?!

Well according to HLN, there are interns making $7,000 a month.

At the top of the list software company Palantir pay their interns over $7,000 per month. Twitter ranked in at number 3 paying their interns a whopping $6,700. In order to land a job opportunity at a high-paying internship, it’s recommended that you move to the San Francisco area.

Glassdoor published the information last Friday and on that list 18 out of the 25 were all based out in San Francisco. And 19 of those companies are all in the tech field.
Some of the top companies that made the list were Intel, Amazon, Adobe, Facebook and Linkedln with interns making over $80k.

We hear Palantir is currently hiring interns! So you might want to start fixing your resume. Well…. only if you are in the tech field.