Posted March 3, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

NBA Baller Wife To Ben Wallace Puts Groupie On Blast For Getting Pregnant By Her Husband

Another NBA Baller caught cheating AGAIN!

Ben Wallace’s wife Chanda Wallace has a created a twitter account to put his side chick on blast. Apparently radio host Ms. Indydee is allegedly pregnant by her husband which caused him to crash his SUV when he heard the news.

Chanda has been attacking Indydee since February exposing her via Twitter on social media.  

“u went an erased 6 months worth of tweets cuz u was scared to get caught.too late” Chanda tweeted. When Indy was asked if she was pregnant, Chanda replied on her behalf, “Yea she is.by my HUSBAND Ben Wallace.” 

The former Detroit Piston’s star would be a father for the fourth time. Wallace and Chanda are the parents of two sons Ben Jr. and Bryce and one daughter Bailey.

Yet another angry wife going off on her husband’s jumpoff.

Read the angry tweets in our gallery above!