Posted March 3, 2014 by BlueMagic in ThatsEnuff

According to Mike Epps ‘Last Friday’ Might Not Go Down (Details) [Video]

Mike Epps met up with GlobalGrind to discuss his new movie Repentance and possibility of Last Friday. According to Epps, the long awaited sequel may not even go down due to companies change of direction:

What people fail to realize with the Fridays is that all those movies were made at New Line Cinema and New Line Cinema is no longer doing those type of movies. So we never know. That’s a question for Cube to answer. Maybe we can bring it to Lionsgate.

If what he says is true, it would really suck. Can you imagine Day-Day and Smokey in the same scenes with Craig? Hopefully Ice Cube can find a production company that will do this film justice. Watch the full interview below.