Posted February 28, 2014 by Tabby T in News

Brooklyn Woman Awarded $22Million After Hit By Duane Reade Truck [Photo]

Talk about a well deserved comeup! A Brooklyn woman who suffered massive brain injuries after a Duane Reade truck slammed into her received a $22 million settlement — the largest personal injury deal in state history. Shirley Miller, 37, who was mowed down crossing a Midtown street in 2008, will receive the stunning amount after the pharmaceutical giant agreed to end the fiercely fought litigation Tuesday in the midst of a second trial.

Duane Reade denied liability on this for years and put her through the mill,” her lawyer, Evan Torgan, said Thursday.
“I’m satisfied that the amount will be enough to seek the medical care that she needs.” Miller, who suffered brain damage, blindness and can hardly speak, was asking for up to $100 million but her lawyer said the record-setting settlement was fair.

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Source: NY Daily News