Posted February 27, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

Richie Incognito Beats up his Car With a Bat [Photo]

Richie Incognito who has been in the center of a NFL bullying scandal with Johnathan Martin, is in the news again for beating up his Ferrari with a baseball bat.

The former Miami Dolphin left dents throughout the hood of the car. Check out a picture of the damage below.


According to TMZ neighbors reported seeing someone damaging the car Wednesday night. This morning after police spoke with Incognito, they reported that he caused the damage himself.

There is no reports why he damaged his own car but you can probably assume that he was pissed about something.

Between this and his twitter rants its obvious this whole bully scandal is getting to Incognito and we are seeing how mentally unstable he really is.

Source: TMZ