Posted February 26, 2014 by Unique in Women Empowerment

Melanie Fiona Has Girl Talk About Love & Fame With XO Necole “I’m Happy” [Video]

Earlier this month celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie partnered up with Pynk Magazine for a intimate Girls Night Out event in New York City sponsored by Ultra Sheen Supreme with Grammy-award winning artist Melanie Fiona serving as the focal point. Held in front of a small live audience the two dished on relationship advice while Melanie shared career struggles in the open floor Q&A.

You have to start thinking about your life and who makes a great partner, because that’s what it is its partnership. Its not just like “oh I love you when things are great,” its yo who are you when things aren’t great. Are you my friend when I need you to be my friend? […] Ask your partner that you’ re with do you love me for the girl that I am, or will you love me for the woman I’m going to become

Check out the video recap below. You can read up on the whole interview over at Xo Necole.


[images Xo Necole]