Posted February 26, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

LeBron James Makes WWE Championship Belts For The Miami Heat [Photo]

What better way could you make a statement that your the champ?

By giving your team their own personal WWE World Champion belt to flaunt around when they are not on the basketball court.

Lebron James went all out for the belts too, having them personalized with each and every wrestlers name attached on the nameplate on the build. Ray Allen’s even says Jesus Shuttlesworth!

That’s a pretty cool gift for the teammates.

Check out the pictures in the gallery.



Not Greco-Roman but the off-the-top-turnbuckle WWE style. And if you’re a WWE fan you want a championship belt — and if you’re LeBron you have the money to buy all your teammates personalized WWE title belts. Because of course you do. Ray Allen‘s is personalized to Jesus Shuttlesworth. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Birdman Chris Andersen had one at home already.

It should be noted Rasheed Wallace did this with the Pistons back in the day.

LeBron’s fascination started back during football season Eagles running back LeSean McCoy did a post-game interview wearing a WWE-style championship belt and tweeted out that he wanted one.